X9 Update 3 has been released

We have just released both the X9 Update 3 versions of Mastercam X9 and Mastercam X9 for SOLIDWORKS This release requires maintenance of 11/30/15 or newer to run. There is also a Catia update which is NOT available via the AUS, but will require you to download it separately and installed on top of your exiting Catia V5 install.
Version and maintenance date information:
· The Mastercam version is 18.0.18466.0
· The Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS version is 18.0.18466.10
· Both PCs will not time out and required Maintenance date is 11/30/15
· Catia Update to V5 R25sP2

Installation instructions:

This update installs directly on top X9 Update 2 only and is available through the Update Manager and from the downloads sections of the website at http://www.mastercam.com/en-us/Support/Downloads. This is a Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS only update. For a detailed list of what issues have been addressed in Update 3 please see the attached Read Me files.

Use one of the 3 methods listed below to perform an update.
· Start X9 and a Mastercam update bubble will show in the lower right of your screen in the system tray area. Click on this to activate the Update Manager.
· Manually check for updates from the Windows Start menu – Start > Mastercam X9 or Mastercam X9 for SOLIDWORKS> Check for Updates and then follow the instructions.
· Start X9 and select Update Mastercam from the Help menu.

Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS must be shut down for the update to install properly.

Note: The Automated Update System (AUS) is active for English and Spanish installed X9 versions, all other localized versions of Mastercam X9 will not be able to use the AUS and will need to manually download the patch from the web.

The downloads are available at:

Mastercam – https://www.mastercam.com/en-us/Support/Downloads/Mastercam
Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS – https://www.mastercam.com/en-us/Support/Downloads/Mastercam-for-SOLIDWORKS