Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Mill 2D two day class
This class is designed for people with little or no Mastercam experience.  This class will cover the functions in the Mastercam Mill product.

Here are some of the topics covered:

1.The students will become familiar with the Mastercam interface, features of the operations manager, back plotting, post processing, and file conversions.

2. Will create 2D Geometry

3. Will create a solid model.

4. Understand the use of Machine definition in Mastercam.

5. 2D programming with legacy toolpaths such as contour, pocketing, and drill options.

6. 2D programing with the Mastercam Dynamic toolpaths.

7. Use of legacy tool library, setup sheets and stock model.

8. Understanding Multiple setups in 1 part.

9. Posting of programs.


This class is designed to use more of the capabilities of the Mastercam Mill product.

Here is what will be covered.

  1. Understanding and using the new tool library in Mastercam including the creation of tools from wireframe and bringing in a tool.
  2. Proper use of the WCS in Mastercam.
  3. 4 axis indexing work.
  4. 4 axis rotary work.
  5. Programming a Part with Multiple setups.
  6. Programming a Horizontal in Mastercam.
  7. Woking with a fixture.
  8. Feature base Machining and Feature based Drilling.

Mill 3D two day class

Here are some topics covered:

  1. The student learns how to create 3D surface models.
  2. Student gets and understanding of the Legacy Surface rough and finish toolpaths.
  3. Student will learn how to us the Surface High speed toolpaths including the Opti toolpaths.
  4. We will cover High speed roughing and finishing including OptiRough which uses the logic of the 2D Dynamic toolpaths.
  5. Hybrid combines scallop and waterline toolpaths to give a better , smoother finish.

Multi axis 2 Day Class

The Mastercam Multi axis class will introduce the concepts and principles of multi-axis programming and the use of the pattern / application multi axis toolpaths in Mastercam.

Topics covered include:

  1. Identifying common multi-axis machine tool configurations
  2. Understanding the difference between multi-axis positioning and simultaneous toolpaths;
  3. Understanding the different types of multi-axis toolpaths, capabilities and advantages they provide over conventional 3 axis toolpaths.
  4. We will learn the concepts for Multi axis work in Mastercam.
  5. We will cover the features of the 5 axis curve and Drill toolpaths.
  6. We will cover working with the swarf toolpath.
  7. We will understand using the Machine simulation for avoidance detection.
  8. We will cover 5axis morph toolpath.
  9. We will cover 5axis multi surface toolpath
  10. We will cover 5axis application toolpaths

Into to Lathe

Here are the topics covered in this class:

    1. Using and understanding the Mastercam 2018 interface.
    2. Drawing and Designing in 2D.
    3. Using file conversion and importing CAD files.
    4. Understanding how Mastercam uses the Machine Definition and how it relates to the posts. 
    5. Will create basic 2D Mastercam toolpaths Rough, Finish, Drill, Cut-off, Groove, Plunge Turn, Threading.
    6. We will cover the features of the operations manager.
    7. We will cover back plotting and verify.
    8. We will also cover Tool Planes, as it relates to Lathe
    9. Using the new setup sheet.

Advanced Lathe

Here are some of the topics this class will cover:

    1. Will understand using C – Y axis programming.
    2. Will cover working with a VTL.
    3. Will work with solid models
    4. Will work with tail stock.
    5. Will work with the misc ops.

Onsite is also available for $ 1,250.00 a day and we can customize the training to your needs.