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X9 Released

Mastercam Has Released Version X9.

Mastercam X9’s powerful tools are designed for the most important job there is – your. From CAD created with an eye to toward the NC programmer to advances in cutter path creation, Mastercam X9 helps ensure you make the most of your shop. – See more here.

X9 Rollouts

Mastercam X9 (3D) Standard

Smooth. Fast. Flexible. Available Now.

Learn What’s New and Unleash the power of Mastercam X9 by attending a rollout.

We are offering 3 seminars in two locations to make it easy for you to get the X9 update info.

Pick one of the following dates and locations to get a comprehensive look at the latest release.


Bay area

Date:                Tuesday July 28th

Time:               9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 4pm (choose one)


Crowne Plaza

32083 Alvarado Niles Rd

Union City, CA 94587


Sacramento area

Date:                 Wednesday July 29th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm


Holiday Inn

120 Grass Valley Hwy

Auburn, CA 95603


To Register for on of the seminars send email to

Include date, time and number in your party.


Mastercam X9 is released! With powerful tools and a streamlined workflow, Mastercam X9 delivers new ways to make the most of your shop.

For a complete look at what’s new in X9

Already a maintained customer and want to download it now? Click here

For a New install:

  • Select the download file to install: Mastercam X9 Download
  • After downloading, simply follow the prompts to install Mastercam.

For updates, please see directions below:

Installing and Migrating to X9

Migration Utility: Here’s a recommendation on using it to quickly & safely move your necessary files into X9. One thing to note is the following; if you are going to be running files from a network. NOTE: Folder structure must be maintained now in version X9.

Below is an Example that you can follow to update your files:

This example and recommended method uses a folder created in My Documents named –== UPDATE==–.  While this method is recommended, then copying the MY & SHARED folders from the version you want to update, you don’t have to.  This method is preferred to keep from anything issues during the process and corrupting working files.

  • Install Mastercam X9
  • Backup Mastercam X8 files
  • To run the migration wizard go to FILE, MIGRATION WIZARD/Advanced
    Browse to shared/x9 files same for personal files / Find the personal folder and select this as well
  • Accept the default C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcamx9\mill\Posts ….. NOT C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared mcamx9\mill\Posts\My Vertical.
  • Install X9 to the DEFAULT directories even though you can change the MY & SHARED folder locations in the installation DO NOT do that.
  • Once you have X9 installed,  launch Mastercam. If you are going to have your files on a network go to your config file and in the FILES topic change the location of them to the respective Drive their going to reside on.


  • Next  use the ADVANCED option in the Migration Wizard dialog to point it to the location of the files to update (remember this example uses C:\Users\User\Documents\–== UPDATE ==– ).  Notice the destination folder(s) is directly to X9. Also, note “Include Sub Folders” is selected so it will look through your MY & SHARED folders for the sub folders to ensure proper and complete updating.
  • Next is File Types to update. Leave them  all selected.
  • Next is the Version of Mastercam files your updating. I updated X8 but left all selected.
  • Next is FINISH. It will show you the pathing to be used. I Highly recommend reviewing this before selecting finish to be sure you set everything correctly.
  • At this time you can select finish and let it go to work. While it updates pst files it will bring the code expert up possibly numerous times depending on the number of posts to update. I had selected to close it each time so it just keeps moving along to the others. Another thing to note is it may seem to stall during the update process and appear to be “stuck”. Its just working along in the back ground so give it some time. When it is complete it will display a popup saying so, along with a confirmation log file of all the processes